All relationships have some irreconcilable differences. However, if you and your partner have reached an impasse where you seemingly cannot agree on anything, it might be time to consider couples counseling. You might both even agree that you need counseling – however, your research might have proved that counseling is expensive! On average, couples counseling can be anywhere between $60-$250 per hour, and generally occurs once a week. That means you can expect to pay between $240-$1000 each month to work on saving your relationship. Financial stress is one of the top reasons people seek Couples Counseling in the first place, so for many, this is not a reasonable option. However, there is an alternative option to find cheap couples counseling: working with a therapist in training.


Work with a Therapist in Training

All marriage and family therapists have to complete a mandatory number of counseling hours before they can be fully licensed. While they are in training, they are overseen by a licensed and insured therapist that helps them navigate what to do while they are learning. Therapists in training are excited to be there and want to help. Many therapists in training are working towards a specialty such as:


  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Divorce mediation
  • Addiction counseling
  • Mental health counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Child, adolescent, or teen counseling

Marital Issues a Therapist in Training Can Help With

Generally, relationship problems fall into a few categories that couples struggle with. These are usually poor communication habits, mismatched intimacy needs, or some damaging event, such as infidelity. You and your therapist in training will work on how to argue and resolve your issues. You’ll learn how to make your intimacy needs very clear, and work through what your love language is.

Pros of Working with a Therapist in Training

  • Services offered for free or at a reduced price
  • A professional therapist oversees your case

Cons of working with a Therapist in Training

  • They will not have the same level of expertise as a more seasoned therapist


Couples Counseling can help you work on improving your relationship. For many people, the cost of Couples Counseling is beyond what they can reasonably afford. For cheap couples counseling, you can consider working with a therapist in training, who can help you work on your communication and problem-solving skills. These therapists are overseen by a liscened marriage and family therapist who oversees you case and guides them through the process.

Family Strategies Counseling and Mediation provides Individual and Couples Counseling, as well as trauma-based therapy services for adults and children. We also employ a few interns to serve our community better. They offer therapy and counseling services for $10 a session. Check out our about page to see which of our interns are currently booking new clients!