Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling can be extremely benifical to the health of most relationships. Couples seek out counseling when they want to improve their relationship, or have become unhappy with their current relationship.

Reasons Couples Might Choose Counseling

Sometimes it can feel like a relationship is stuck in a rut and unable to move forward. Many people seek Couples Counseling because they are:

  • Not feeling heard
  • Feeling like needs are not being met
  • Have unresolved conflicts

Even relativly good relationships can benifit greatly from couples therapy, in the form of improving intamcy and connection, or generally creating a more fufilling relationship.


Communication is genearlly where couples struggle the most in their relationhip. Often, couples get caught in unproductive communication patters that end up making both parties feel frustrated. The instict is the blame the other person, not realizing their intention is probably positive, but not communicated well. Couples counseling allows for discussion of negative communication patterns in a constructive way and building up the skills to communicate betting going forward.

Techniques We Use

Some of the techniques we use in couples counseling revolve around uncovering the real causes of distress in a relationship, repairing conflicts, and goal setting. In many cases, there are incidents in the relationship’s past that need addressing, as communication and behavioral patterns that need to be corrected. In some cases, we recomend the introduction of anger management training in order to avoid arguments becoming hurtful and tactless.