After all that has happened over the past year, you might find yourself on the verge of a breakup. Couples counseling is an attractive option because you get the chance to save your relationship. Counseling can help you work through your communication issues and establish better habits going forward. But what can you do if the cost is too much for you right now? Here are some tips to find cheap couples counseling near you.

How Much is Couples Counseling?

Couples Counseling is on average between $60-$250 per hour and generally occurs once a week. That means you can expect to pay between $240-$100 each month to work on saving your relationship. Financial stress is one of the top reasons people seek Couples Counseling in the first place, so for many, this is not a reasonable option.

Where Can I Find Cheap Couples Therapy?

Luckily, there are some alternative options to standard out-of-pocket couples counseling. Working with a therapist in training, sliding scale offices, government services, or explore places of worship are all options for those who need these services.

Work with a Therapist in Training

One option is to consider working with a therapist in training. Every therapist must complete a certain number of hours with clients to obtain their degree. We are one of the few therapy offices that employ interns to serve our community better. Our interns offer counseling services for $10 a session both in person and online.

Pros of Working with a Therapist in Training

  • Services offered for free or at a reduced price
  • A professional therapist oversees your case

Cons of working with a Therapist in Training

  • They will not have the same level of expertise as a more seasoned therapist

Find a Sliding Scale Office

Another option that is seeking out a sliding scale office. These are offices that offer discounted pricing for people who need them. These prices are generally reserved for specific segmentations, such as teen parents, people of color, people living with disabilities, or some other group.

Pros of Sliding Scale Offices

  • Get help at a price you can afford
  • Get help from someone who understands your specific issues

Cons of Sliding Scale Offices

  • There is generally a limit on how long you can take advantage of the reduced price
  • There may be other stipulations, such as therapy only in a group setting

Use Government Social Services

Social services are paid for through tax revenues by the government. Each state has its structure for counseling services. In Illinois, the Illinois Department of Human Services can provide information about free or low-cost counseling services for individuals and families.

Pros of Government Social Services

  • These services are either free or cheap couples counseling
  • They are tailored to your area and can meet several needs

Cons of Government Social Services

  • These programs can be challenging to get into, especially if you don’t meet the requirements for assistance
  • The waitlist for these services can vary by area and type of service you are looking for

Places of Worship

Many places of worship offer free spiritual wellness services to their members. For some people, this is an invaluable lifeline. Often there is a formal program which will outline the steps to take to work through your relationship issues.

Pros of Places of Worship

  • Free to members
  • Tailored to your specific belief structures

Cons of Places of Worship

  • Few places will allow you to attend if you are not already a member
  • You may not want to entangle your relationship with your religious beliefs in that way


Couples Counseling can help you work on improving your relationship. For many people, the cost of Couples Counseling is beyond what they can reasonably afford. There are several options to find cheap Couples Counseling near you. You can consider working with a therapist in training, sliding scale offices, government services, or explore places of worship. Each of these options had good and bad qualities and will depend on your situation.

Family Strategies Counseling and Mediation provides Individual and Couples Counseling, as well as trauma-based therapy services for adults and children. We also employ a few interns to serve our community better. They offer therapy and counseling services for $10 a session. Check out our about page to see which of our interns are currently booking new clients!