At a time when fewer people are getting married than ever before, you and your partner might feel torn about taking the plunge. To marry or not is a personal choice, but make sure you know the right reasons to get married! Marriage is a big step, so why make it?


Marriage is the ultimate show of commitment to another person. It proves both people are in this relationship for the long haul. A promise like this can make you both more at ease in the security of your relationship. Knowing you are committed to each other can help you rise above conflicts and rough patches.

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Defines the Relationship

Engagement and marriage offer labels that define the exact terms of your relationship. Marriage spells out long-term monogamy (unless otherwise discussed) and various rights and privileges you can expect. When many people are afraid to define a relationship, it can be essential to get married, so both people are on the same page. Feeling secure in your relationship can help you grow closer as a couple.

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Legal Benefits

Married couples have the right to a tax deduction and the ability to file taxes jointly. In addition, things like Social Security Benefits, IRAs, health insurance, and inheritances are all things that being married impacts. Like it or not, a lot of social institutions encourage marriage through these incentives. These things become extremely important in an emergency, such as sudden death or other unforeseen circumstances.

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Living Longer

Marriage correlates with living longer, especially for men. Married men live longer than single men because they are more likely to create and keep medical appointments and follow through with treatments and therapy. Married people also have access to more emotional support than their single counterparts. It makes sense because if you are committed to someone for life, you owe it to your partner to maintain your health.

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Getting married is a personal choice, and you should know some of the right reasons to get married. Officially committing to someone can help you rise above conflicts and rough patches. Defining your relationship in no uncertain terms can help you feel secure to grow as a couple. Legally, married people are entitled to more benefits than unmarried people, which can be vital during an emergency. Quality of life is shown to be better for married people, who have access to more emotional support and tend to take better care of their health.

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