Marriage & Family Strategies

Is there something you’d like to change about your family? Is there something you want to achieve that has special meaning for you? These are all possible, but sometimes the things we want the most are the most important to us, can also be the most difficult to achieve. A key solution to these goals could be with the help of a Family Strategist.

What is a Family Strategist?

A family strategist works with your family, not as a family counselor, but as a dedicated partner to help your family with their goals. Your Family Strategist will:

  • Develop an on-going, committed relationship with you
  • Listen carefully to your family’s situation, needs, and goals
  • Guide your family through potential obstacles and fears
  • Challenge, teach and provide feedback each step of the way

Benefits of a Family Strategists

  • Create a plan of action with your family
  • Offer new solutions and approaches to achieve the desired goal
  • Introduce concepts and skills to use throughout life in a multitude of diverse situations
  • Empower your family to move forward in a new, liberated family that is based upon the possibilities that you and your family have always dreamed of having

    Mental Health

    These days, more and more people are opting to improve their mental well-being with the help of a Mental Health Counselor. This is different than a psychiatrist, in that a Mental Health Counselor does not prescribe medication. Many conditions can be managed without the use of medication if this is agreed to be the best course of action.

    What is Mental Health?

    Mental Health involves working with a trained clinician with a goal towards emotional wellness. This is typically done by coordinating with social workers, support groups, and various treatment services to implement a holistic care approach.

    Check out a List of Conditions Here

    Benefits of Mental Health

    Not everyone has the same experience when it comes to Mental Health Counseling, however many people experience learning some key coping skills:

    • Greater self-esteem and self-acceptance
    • Improved interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to identify and change self-defeating behaviors
    • Increased ability to manage stress effectively
    • Ability to express and manage emotions, including anger (which is an emotion!)

    Trauma Counseling

    One area of specialty that we have here at Family Strategies is Trauma Counseling. It is estimated that 70% of adults will experience some sort of trauma in their lifetime. Many of our clients are undergoing Trauma Counseling in tandem with other forms of counseling services.

    What is Trauma Counseling?

    Trauma Counseling is a specific approach to therapy that recognizes and understands how traumatic experiences impact a person’s mental, behavior, emotional and physical well0being. This type of counseling acknowledges the connection between a traumatic experience and the emotional and behavioral responses to it. Trauma Counseling focuses on:

    • Developing healthy coping strategies
    • Identifying triggers
    • Reestablishing safety
    • Working to decrease traumatic stress responses

    Benefits of Trauma Counseling

    Like with all therapies, not everyone has the same experience. Some benefits of Trauma Counseling come with time, and can include:

    • Decreased depression and anxiety
    • Relief of shame or guilt
    • A decrease in intrusive symptoms, such as dissociation, flashbacks, and/or nightmares