Counseling Services

Couples Counseling Services

Couples counseling services allow you are your parter to discuss your issues in a safe environment without reverting to negative communication patterns. A therapist will help you discover how these patters happen and what you need to do in order to change them.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation offers couples the option to plan their futures rationally, apart from one another in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutial respect. A trained divorced mediator can help you an your family reach a custom-made agreement for your family, finances, and future.

Anger Management Counseling

The goal of anger management is to reduce the emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. Anger is a natural emotion to have, but when it gets out of control, it can become destructive to your life. Problems at work, personal relationships, and your offer all quality of life can effected by poorly managed anger.

Mental Health Counseling

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These days, more and more people are opting to improve their mental well-being with the help of a Mental Health Counselor. This is different than a psychiatrist, in that a Mental Health Counselor does not prescribe medication. Many conditions can be managed without the use of medication if this is agreed to be the best course of action.

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health counseling services involve working with a trained clinician with a goal towards emotional wellness. This is typically done by coordinating with social workers, support groups, and various treatment services to implement a holistic care approach.

Benefits of Mental Health

Not everyone has the same experience when it comes to Mental Health Counseling, however many people experience learning some key coping skills:

  • Greater self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Improved interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to identify and change self-defeating behaviors
  • Increased ability to manage stress effectively
  • Ability to express and manage emotions, including anger (which is an emotion!)