Getting married is an important milestone, as it is the symbolic combing of two families into one. That said, simply finding the one you want to have and to hold does not mean that you’ll never have any problems in your relationship. However, not all premarital counseling is the same. Our approach to faith-based premarital counseling is an offer a strategic plan to those who want to incorporate God as an essential part of their marriage.


What is Faith-Based Premarital Counseling?

Many people think couples counseling is for those whose relationship is already struggling. However, premarital counseling helps you and your spouse learn how to identify issues and handle conflict. Premarital counseling helps you work on proactive strategies to prevent negative behaviors that often break marriages.


What Will We Learn in Faith-Based Premarital Counseling?


Overall, the goal of faith-based therapy is to help couples understand and plan for marriages that will glorify God. You will learn to set reasonable expectations for each other and for married life. You and your future spouse will discuss:

  • Your Relationship to the Lord
  • How to Argue
  • How to begin a dialog concerning important topics (sex, finances, parenting, etc.)
  • Communication
  • How to prepare for married life, not just the wedding day
  • Raising (or not Raising) Children


What is Faith-Based Premarital Counseling Like?


Faith-based counseling incorporates faith and values into the marriage counseling process for a holistic spiritual approach. You and your partner will work to understand your situation and set the terms of your relationship. During these sessions, you will plan out a course of action for your lives together. Your counselor will not tell you what to do but rather help you discern a wise direction. They can help you identify chaotic and possibly toxic communication patterns so you can have a more healthy, productive way of communicating. 



The decision to get married is a big step, and you want to set yourself up for success. That said, to set a solid foundation for your marriage and maintain your relationship with your faith, consider faith-based premarital counseling to help guide you. You work with a counselor who understands your spiritual goals and learns how to plan for your life as a married couple. Before you start your first session, take a look at this guide What to Know Before Begining Couples Counseling


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