The reason someone might choose Christian marriage counseling over secular marriage counseling is different for everyone. In general, Christians have different views on specific issues. For example, you might feel like divorce is not an option and want a counselor willing to do all they can to help save your relationship rather than be quick to recommend divorce. One main advantage of choosing a counselor whose beliefs align with yours is that you do not have to explain why one value is crucial to you while another is not.

What is the Goal of Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling aims to examine what is going wrong in the relationship. You must look at what you bring to the table in this marriage. You and your partner will work to heal the wounds you might have inflicted on one another and acknowledge how you each contribute to problems in your relationship. Some issues that you might be facing are: Financial Stresses Conflicts with in-laws or other family members Boredom in relationships Stress from busy schedules Infidelity Parenting Challenges Processing Childhood Trauma How Can Faith-Based Marriage Counseling Help? Christian marriage counseling incorporates faith and values into the marriage counseling process for a holistic spiritual approach. You and your partner will work to understand your situation and rectify how to repair your relationship. During these sessions, you will plan out a course of action. Your counselor will not tell you what to do but help you discern a wise direction. They can help you overcome chaotic and possibly toxic communication patterns to transition into a more healthy, productive way of interacting.

Christian marriage counseling works to:


What Does Faith-Based Marriage Counseling Require of You?

First and foremost, you and your partner must be willing to be open and honest with one another. The purpose of these sessions is to facilitate the healing process, and you both must be at a place where you are ready to start doing the work. Second, you must be willing to hold each other accountable for personal change to contribute to the whole.


Christian marriage counseling allows you to work with a counselor who understands your values. For example, you could work with someone who won’t be quick to suggest divorce. Instead, you can focus on rebuilding trust, strengthening intimacy, and learning better communication patterns. In all, you and your partner must be at a place where you are ready to work on your relationship and heal. Family Strategies Counseling & Mediation provides in-person couples counseling in Homewood, IL. In addition, we offer family counseling and mental health services. Our therapists are skilled at working with those struggling to process traumatic events. Call our office at (708) 798-5433 or email us at for appointment details.

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