Mental health counseling for teens is something we are frequently asked about in our office. The reason for this is that many people with mental health conditions start to experience symptoms in their teens. We find that these teens can significantly benefit from seeing a therapist before they reach a crisis point. That said, we offer a narrow set of therapy options for teens that include cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and play or art therapy.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for Teens

A well-known form of mental health counseling for teens is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). During CBT, the counselor works with your teen individually on their specific concerns to change a response to a specific behavior. Behaviors your teen might need help with include:

  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Disordered eating
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-harm
woman anger

The goal with CBT is to have your teen examine how they react to their anxiety, depression, or other mental health condition. The counselor will walk your teen through the steps needed to change their thought patterns, reactions, and other behaviors. Over time, your teen learns appropriate responses to stressors and learns to reduce or eliminate harmful behaviors and thought patterns.


Family Therapy for Teen Menta Health

Many times when a teen needs counseling, the whole family needs counseling too. Your teen is partially a product of their environment. The goal of family therapy is to identify and improve the relationship he or she had with you, and other members of the household. You and your teen’s siblings or extended family will learn how to interact with your troubled teen in the presence of a strategic family therapist. You will all learn communication skills and can share your concerns in a safe place.


Play, Art, or Other Therapy for Teens

Play therapy is not only for young children. Teens and even adults can benefit from play or art therapy as many people express themselves well through play or art. Art therapy uses the creative process to work through trauma and help with healing. Through art and crafts, your teen can explore their feelings, manage their behavior, develop social skills, reduce anxiety, and improve self-esteem. Art therapy is not an art lesson, however, but rather a counseling session.



While there are several mental health counseling methods for teens, we focus on a narrow set of techniques at Family Strategies Counseling and Mediation. One of our most common methods is the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focuses on changing behavior and thought patterns. Family therapy is often recommended as well whenever a teenager is involved, as they are partially a product of their environment. A counselor can help you identify poor communication patterns that are contributing to your teen’s mental health concerns. We also use play and art therapy to help teens process trauma, explore feelings, manage behaviors, and improve self-esteem.


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