Adolescents and young individuals, much like adults, may find benefit in mental health counseling. Given that numerous mental health issues emerge during the formative years, seeking assistance for your teenager is a proactive step. Early intervention, prior to reaching a crisis point, yields substantial advantages for the mental well-being of adolescents. Our counseling services for teens encompass a tailored selection of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, and expressive therapies such as play or art therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Teens

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) stands out as a widely recognized form of mental health counseling for teens. This personalized approach addresses specific concerns such as anger management, depression, anxiety, disordered eating, substance abuse, and self-harm. The focus of CBT is to guide teens in examining and modifying their responses to mental health conditions. By assisting them in altering thought patterns and reactions, CBT aims to equip teens with appropriate coping mechanisms and eventually reduce or eliminate harmful behaviors.

Family Therapy for Teen Mental Health

Recognizing the interconnected dynamics within a family, our counseling extends to family therapy when a teen seeks assistance. Acknowledging that a teen is influenced by their environment, family therapy targets the enhancement of relationships within the household. Through the guidance of a strategic family therapist, family members learn effective communication skills and share concerns in a secure environment, fostering understanding and support for the troubled teen.


Play, Art, or Other Therapy for Teens

Contrary to common perception, play therapy and art therapy are valuable tools not only for young children but also for teens and adults. These expressive therapies harness the creative process to address trauma and facilitate healing. Art therapy, for instance, enables teens to explore their emotions, manage behaviors, develop social skills, alleviate anxiety, and enhance self-esteem. It is important to note that art therapy is not an art lesson but rather a therapeutic session focused on counseling.


At Family Strategies Counseling and Mediation, our emphasis lies in a targeted set of counseling techniques tailored for teens. Central to our approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy, emphasizing the modification of behavior and thought patterns. Recognizing the family’s impact on a teen’s well-being, family therapy is recommended to address communication patterns contributing to mental health concerns. Additionally, we integrate play and art therapy to aid teens in processing trauma, navigating emotions, managing behaviors, and fostering improved self-esteem.

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