Anger management is a process that helps you identify the stressors in your life. Then, you learn how to stay calm during stressful situations and conduct yourself constructively and positively. The purpose of anger management is not to eliminate anger but to learn to control reactions and respond appropriately.


Exploring the Root of the Anger

The first step of anger management counseling is discovering the root of the anger issues. People can become angry for several reasons, such as perceived personal failures or injustices, property loss, or humiliation. Anger is the response to these events, including yelling, tantrums, or aggression. Often, anger is a coping mechanism learned due to childhood trauma.


In anger management therapy, you learn to identify what triggers your anger and learn to slow your reaction to it. Often, the roots of rage stem from emotional trauma, addiction, grief, or other issues. The natural inclination is to find relief in lashing out at others, obscuring the actual cause of the anger.


How Anger Management Works

Once you have identified your triggers, anger management counseling provides clear recovery guidelines. First, you learn how to release your emotions in a controlled environment to achieve a constructive rather than a destructive response. Then, over time, you know to become aware of your feelings at each level of arousal so you can better control your anger.


A therapist helps you notice how your anger responses affect you and your loved ones and identify when an angry reaction may be a defense mechanism for other concerns. Some techniques a therapist might use include:


Limits of Anger Management Counseling

As with any treatment, some individuals may not benefit significantly from anger management therapy. Anger management may not be effective for people who do not recognize they have issues with anger. People who are learning disabled may also struggle with anger management treatment. Those with other mental health concerns may need to address those problems before undergoing anger management therapy.



Anger management counseling can help you gain control and perspective over your reactions to triggering events. You and your therapist start by exploring what triggers you and their underlying issues. After you know what makes you angry, you learn to control how you react to these situations. The goal is not to remove anger from your life entirely but to understand the difference between constructive anger and destructive anger.


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