Thanks to our diverse staff, we can offer many different kinds of premarital counseling at Family Strategies Counseling and Mediation. Our approach to premarital counseling, therefore, falls into two categories; secular or faith-based premarital counseling. Each approach is tailored to offer a holistic approach to our clients. We believe that honoring your whole being is the best way to get positive results.

Secular Premarital Counseling

Many people do not realize that they have the option to access premarital counseling outside of a religious setting. Traditionally, counseling before marriage was more of an option through one’s church, synagogue, or another religious setting. As more people are elective to have their marriage outside of a religious setting, they are also looking for premarital counseling that reflects that.


We offer couples counseling to anyone in a relationship – whether they are married or not. During premarital therapy, couples will work towards learning:

  • How to show each other love and respect
  • How to effectively resolve conflict
  • How to communicate around important issues (parenting, money, etc.)
  • How to keep the relationship interesting
  • How to best support each other in all aspects of life

Skills like these are vital for your ability to work through the ups and downs of marriage. Your partner is who you will rely on when inevitably you transition from one stage of life to another. Premarital counseling can help you both get on the same page before you say “I do!”

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Faith-Based Premarital Counseling

At Family Strategies, we offer spiritual counseling from one of several counselors. Just like you, our counselors each experience their faiths differently. Overall, the goal of faith-based premarital therapy is to help couples understand and plan for marriages that will glorify God. You will learn to set reasonable expectations for each other and for married life. Christian Pre Marriage Counseling teaches:

  • How to build a solid, biblical foundation for marriage
  • How to begin a dialog concerning important topics (sex, finances, parenting, etc.)
  • How to uncover areas of concern in the relationship
  • How to prepare for married life, not just the wedding day

The most important part of premarital counseling is getting you to have a serious conversation about your upcoming marriage. The temptation to avoid the tough stuff will come back to bite you! All marriages are full of problems, even those in a Christian household. Rather than avoid the issue, it’s best to discuss and prepare

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We retain a diverse staff at Family Strategies. We have the unique opportunity to offer both secular and faith-based premarital counseling to the Chicago South Suburban area. Traditionally, premarital counseling is offered inside a religious setting, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. Whether you choose to work with a faith-based counselor or not, you can expect to learn good communication patterns and conflict resolution skills. These will help you and your partner as you navigate the ups and downs of marriage.

Family Strategies Counseling & Mediation provides in-person couples counseling in Homewood, IL. In addition, we offer family counseling and mental health counseling. Our therapists are skilled at working with those who are struggling to process traumatic events. Give our office a call at (708) 798-5433 or email us a info@Family-Strategy.com for appointment details.