Childhood trauma is an experience of an event by a child that is emotionally painful or distressing. Prolonged exposure to trauma results in lasting mental and physical effects. A way to overcome these effects is through childhood trauma therapy with a licensed trauma-informed therapist.


What Does Childhood Trauma Look Like in Adults?

Adults with childhood trauma can have difficulty forming relationships. Furthermore, shame and guilt prevent them from expressing their true selves. Childhood trauma can leave a person feeling unable to connect with others. Symptoms of childhood trauma include:


Childhood Trauma Therapy Treatments

Trauma therapy involves identifying triggers and developing coping strategies. At this time, you learn to decrease symptoms in a safe environment. Because everyone is different, and there are many other treatment options available. Here are some trauma-focused therapy options:


Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

CPT is effective for those who fear experiencing other traumatic events. For example, many people who have served in the military or emergency workers can benefit from this treatment. We conduct CPT not only in individual but also in group sessions. Your therapist will work with you to identify and explore ways trauma may have altered your beliefs about the world. In addition, you will learn how your behavior is affected by your traumatic experience.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms associated with traumatic life events. Eye moments (also called bilateral stimulation) are used during EMDR to reprocess a traumatic event. Importantly, many people report feeling significant benefits from EMDR after only a few sessions.

Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)

NET is a treatment used for survivors of complex trauma. First, you work with a therapist to construct a chronological narrative of your life. Next, you’ll pay special attention to the traumatic experiences. Then, your therapist will ask you to describe your emotions to fully flesh out the traumatic experience. Subsequently, reliving these traumatic events will teach you to reprocess and derive meaning from the experiences. Over time, you can learn to heal and move on.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE)

Prolonged Exposure Therapy teaches individuals to gradually approach their trauma-related memories, feelings, and situations. The goal is to teach that trauma-related memories and cues are not dangerous. For example, the therapist might ask you to describe the traumatic event and process the associated emotion.



A practical method to overcome the effects of trauma is through childhood trauma therapy. You’ll work with a licensed trauma-informed therapist to get results. Adults with childhood trauma can struggle to form relationships with others. Trauma therapy involves identifying triggers and developing coping strategies. Over time, you learn to decrease symptoms in a safe environment.


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