Family Strategies Counseling & Mediation partners with TriCare medical insurance to better serve our military and veteran population. TriCare is a healthcare program for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families. TriCare provides coverage to all beneficiaries, including Tricare Family Counseling. In addition, we offer actionable plans your family can implement to help solve inner-familial problems.


TriCare Family Counseling FAQ:


Does TriCare cover family Counseling?

Per their policy, Tricare will cover family counseling if one family member has symptoms that meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger management, or adjustment issues.


Do You Need a Referral for Family Therapy Through Tricare?

No, you do not need to get a referral for outpatient mental health or substance use disorder care. 


How Do I Get Counseling with Tricare?

We  understand our military community is found all over the world. Therefore, we now offer online TriCare family counseling. Call our front desk at (708) 798-5433 for scheduling inquiries and questions about insurance.


Strategic Family Counseling

We take a holistic approach to family therapy in which we look at your family’s life as a whole. That said, if one member of your family is in distress, that means there is a breakdown somewhere in the family system. We used Strategic Family Therapy to help. Strategic family therapy combines two major therapeutic theories – strategic therapy and family therapy. This kind of therapy is a highly structured method of treatment rather than free forming. The goal is to plan, execute strategically, and measure outcomes to help solve inner-familial problems.


Teen & Adolescent Therapy

Many people look into family counseling because of some negative behavior their child begins to exhibit. The negative behavior can be anything, such as a sudden behavior change, frequent crying, or refusal to see someone or go somewhere. Children can not always communicate the complex emotional turmoil they might be going through. We offer therapy for teens and adolescent children. The primary way we connect with these young people is through Play Therapy. Our teens might learn a new craft to help manage their anxiety, while our littlest ones might use a sandbox to describe a complex feeling. We provide online teen counseling and shortened online therapy sessions for younger children.


Couples Counseling

The communication breakdown often begins with the two married people in the relationship. Often, we recommend couples counseling to work through issues unrelated to the family’s children. The two of you will work on improving your communication patterns as a team. Often, couples struggle with hypercriticismdefensivenesswithdrawal from the relationship, or resentment.


Faith-Based Counseling

Faith-based Counseling is one of the most requested services from our military population. Many military families struggle with being separated from their faith-based community while deployed. However, many people’s faith is intricately tied to how they live their lives. A faith-based counselor can help you stay grounded in your spiritual roots as you work through what prevents your family from thriving.



Our office partners with TriCare medical insurance to better serve our military and veteran population. Because we understand the complex issues that military families face, we have many available resources, most of which TriCare insurance covers. These services include mental health services, PTSD treatment options, couples counseling, and family therapy.


Family Strategies Counseling & Mediation provides in-person couples counseling in Homewood, IL. In addition, we offer family counseling and mental health services. Our skilled therapists work with those struggling to process traumatic events. Call our office at (708) 798-5433 or email us at for appointment details.


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